Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Red Sox Land "Dice K" - the Nation Smiles

I've been quiet on the Red Sox front, but just have to cite the good news. From all accounts, the Sox have a deal with Daisuke Matsuzaka, and if things go to plan, they should have the best rotation in baseball, end of story. So, Johnny Damon and friends will now have to learn a new word - all together now - MAT - SU - ZAKA. It's a bit like Matsui, guys, but he doesn't have the gyro pitch.

Here he is, arriving on Red Sox Airways! A bit like the Beatles at Shea, at least for some of us. Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe.


So, if he's the real deal, the Sox will be in great shape. It's been a banner day for the Nation, as Julio Lugo was introduced today, and even Doug Mirabelli has agreed to stay on another year. Add in J.D. Drew - who may or may not work out - and Timlin staying for another year, and the team will have filled a lot of holes, and possibly upgraded their offense.

Oh, and for what it's worth, Gabe Kapler has retired at the ripe age of 31, and is staying around to coach in the Sox's minor league system. Always liked him, but after tearing his Achilles heel - right here in Toronto, that was just about it for him. Anyone who saw this would surely say it was one of the most bizarre things they've ever seen on a sports field. Ask me later if you didn't see it.

Now, two BIG questions remain:

1. Manny - will he stay or will he go? I say he stays, which would make for a scary 3-4-5 combo - presuming he's motivated and can still be Manny in Papi's large shadow.

2. A closer. Still the big hole, but there's time to figure this one out. Let's not forget that Jon Lester recovered nicely, and has a great future when he's healthy enough to play again

Smaller question - Coco Crisp. I still think he's another Renteria, but maybe he can bring his game to where everyone thought it would be next year. He's still with us, so I guess that's what the hope is.

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ipcom said...

Posted by: BB

Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Deep starting with over the hill starters like Schill and Wake and with gopher prone Beckett does not guarantee a World sereies. Lugo is giant step below A Rod II last year and first and second are up for grabs and Lowell is approaching senior citizen status. Toss in one of the worst outfields in baseball (this ain't murderer's row) and a puppet for a manager and they are at best 2nd again in the AL East. Manny needs to go. He hits when he feel like it and is a butcher in the outfield. Coco is crispy and Wily Mo isn't Dewey. Sorry. This is a mediocre team that will compete with decent pitching that will be short of arms when injuries set in. I've seen em from 67 to 07 and this team ain't goin all the way. Theo? Bring back Lou or even Dan.