Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five Things We Can Learn From Millennials About Collaboration

That's the title of my August post for UCStrategies, and if you want to know what the intersection of what collaboration and Millennials looks like, this is a good starting point.

As you may know, I'm a UC Expert with UCS, and it's a great collective of expertise aligned with this space. There are lots of strong voices in our group, and if you don't follow us regularly, I hope this gets you going! My post can be found here, and after that, I urge you poke around and see what else is on tap at UCS.

Friday, August 22, 2014

VoIP's Hidden Value for SMBs - Webinar Reminder, Aug. 26

Been away for the better part of two weeks, and it's time to get back to work! Glad to see lots of registrations for my webinar next week with Ziff Davis B2B. Just wanted to do another reminder if it's not yet on your calendar.

The webinar is at 2pm ET next Tuesday - August 26 - and I hope you can join us. Here's the landing page with the abstract and registration form - it just takes a minute.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Webinar Reminder - VoIP's Hidden Value - August 26

Am in between vacation road trips, so not much blogging right now. Just wanted to keep or get this on your radar before heading out tomorrow.

My next webinar with Ziff Davis B2B is Tuesday, August 26 at 2pm ET. My topic is "VoIP's Hidden Value", and to find out what I mean, you'll have to join us then. Along with my regular writing for ZD, these webinars are always well attended, and I hope you can make it.

Not much else to say other than here's the webinar landing page, and you're just a few short clicks away from being registered.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Is UC Succeeding or Failing?

Now, that's a good topic for discussion, and we did just that on last week's UCStrategies podcast.

It's safe to say that UC hasn't been adopted as expected, and there are lots of good reasons why. Along with my fellow UC Experts, I've written about this often, and the core obstacles remain. There certainly are plenty of success stories, but as the cloud spreads across the entire comms landscape, UC faces new challenges, and things aren't getting easier.

This is definitely a glass half full/half empty discussion, and if you're not sure which way the wind is blowing, you'll want to review the podcast. Blair Pleasant did the moderating, and we all had our say, with mine coming at the 32 minute mark. That's all I have to say now, so it's time to give it a listen - it's posted here on the UCS portal, and as always, your comments are most welcome.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Writing Roundup

Time for another digest of my latest writing. July was a bit quiet, especially with no conferences, but here's a summary of my top posts that you may have missed and aren't time-sensitive.

Internet of Things - a Twitter Chat  hosted/posted by IT World Canada, July 30

Who Really Benefits from Remote Working, July 29

Are you Communicating or Collaborating? Internet Telephony Magazine, July issue

The Race for UC in the Cloud - is Avaya too Late?  UCStrategies, July 24

Five Ways You'll Know VoIP was the Right Decision,, July 8

Top 10 Clues you Might need Unified Communications  Adtran blog, July 7

Financial Theft and VoIP Security, July 2

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Internet of Things Twitter Chat - Full Replay Posted Now

As you likely know, I was a panelist on yesterday's twitter chat about the Internet of Things. The session was hosted by IT World Canada, and was ably managed by Candice So and Brian Jackson. I was joined by Laurie Desautels of PwC and Sachin Mahajan of Telus, and our views were nicely complemented by all the participants who chimed in.

I've never done a twitter chat before, and one great thing is that the results can be shared in real time, as well as right after the event. As such, IT World Canada was able to post the full set of tweets over the course of the hour within minutes of it being over. I'm sharing that now with my followers, and I hope you give it a read - here's the link.

I enjoyed the experience, but this was new for me, and it was a real struggle to keep the tweets coming. The posts come in rapid succession, and with TweetDeck some show up right away and others much later, or not at all. So, it's really hard to follow what's going on, and it's easy to miss threads. Since it happens in real time, you have to write quickly, and that's not my style. I hate making typos, but it comes with the territory, and if I had more time to think, I'd probably answer differently.

Then, there's the 140 character thing. IoT/IoE is a rich topic, and you just can't say much in this format. Wearing my biz dev hat - which must always be on - I could say that the strategy is to only say enough to sound wise and then hopefully companies will hire me to get the full set of advice. Well, that is my business, so I would always welcome that, but our main purpose was to create dialog and educate the market about why this is such a hot topic.

I think we did a good job overall, and we had some great dialog. My main caveat is that this format is unmoderated, making it a free-for-all. Spontaneity can be great, but I don't like seeing tweets promoting your work/company interspersed with genuine conversation from people who just want to learn what's going on. Anyhow, social media cuts both ways, and I'm sure you'll get something out of this, and I'd love to hear what you thought of the event.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Call - Today's Twitter Chat on the Internet of Things

Just a friendly reminder about this twitter chat at 1pm ET today. I've never done a panel with this format before, but it should be fun.

IT World Canada is the host, and they've outlined 10 questions for the panel. I'll be joined by Sachin Mahajan from Telus M2M and Laurie Desautels from PwC. All the details are in this post, and I hope you can join us.