Thursday, September 15, 2005

Woe Canada, Part 2 - Wireless Number Portability - Not Now, But Here's How You Can Help...

Last week I noted how well Canada fared in the 2005 Pulver 100, with 13 companies making the list. I also commented on how the service providers are not keeping pace, as the VoIP market here is still trying to find its legs.

While not a IP issue, the lack of wireless number portability has been a concern here for some time, and this week the CWTA - Canadian Wireless Telecom Association - announced we won't be seeing this until September 2007. That's an awful long time in IP years, and to me, is another example of how Canada's carriers and regulators are behind the curve, stifling innovation and competition.

Never one to miss an opportunity to stir the pot, Virgin Mobile Canada is making some noise to accelerate the process. In yesterday's Globe & Mail, they ran a full page open letter ad, signed by Sir Richard himself, urging consumers to speak out. Of course, they stand to benefit perhaps more than anyone in Canada from WNP, but at least give them credit for trying to give mobile subscribers a voice.

Essentially, they're running an online petition to gather support. It's not clear what they intend to do with this, but if you want to speak your mind, there is an email address ready to take your call...

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