Friday, September 8, 2006

AIM Phoneline Story - Bloggers Have the Real Deal

I just wanted to quickly comment that some bloggers have correctly noted that the best coverage on AIM's Phoneline Developer Program news has come from the blogs, and not the mainstream business media. I was hinting at that yesterday, and maybe people picked up on that. Regardless, it's pretty clear that in this instance, the blogger community is far more plugged into what the story really means - not just at face value, but for the bigger picture we call Voice 2.0.

On this count, I especially wanted to cite posts from Alec Saunders and Jeff Pulver. Alec's post is particularly good because he points out how poor the coverage was from CNET, including their not being aware that TotalTalk had been shelved.

There are many well informed bloggers in this space who write well, and with a lot of valuable insight. In time, scenarios like this will become too frequent that big media will need to re-think their sources and start paying more attention to the blogger community. In the end, readers will be better served, and that's really the most important thing here. So, I'd chalk this one up as another W in the blogger win column!

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