Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aastra Launches New Line of SIP Phones

Aastra is one of my favorite companies for a few reasons. Briefly - they make a great line of phones for all budgets - both IP and TDM, they're a public company with a solid track record of growth, they're in Canada, and even better, they're right here in Toronto. That says a lot for me, since there are so few companies that fit that overall description. Toronto is not a hotbed for IP comm startups, but we sure have a thriving Web 2.0 community - but then again, who doesn't, these days?

I've been following Aastra for a while, and am getting to know them better, and I'm even using one of their phones in my office. For this post, I just wanted to draw attention to today's announcement of their 5i family of SIP-based phones.

The Aastra 5i Series consists of 4 SIP telephones, along with 2 expansion modules. For businesses that are moving to IP, and have embraced multimedia communications, these phones have a lot to offer, namely a rich IP feature set, and large screen displays to support XML graphics.

I'd love to tell you more, but I haven't seen them yet. However, I am planning to do a podcast with Aastra in the next few weeks, so you can get the next thing by hearing us talk about it.

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