Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome, Telecom Dispatch - More Canadian Coverage

This is another better-late-than-never post, as I catch up on the week from being at the Ottawa Venture and Tech Summit (my post of that event will come either over the weekend or Monday).

Veteran Canadian telecom consultant Roberta Fox launched a newsletter this week, and I find it a really nice news digest for a couple of reasons. It's titled Telecom Dispatch, and is published under her corporate moniker, Fox Group. The inaugural issue went out last Friday, but because it's email-based - and not web-based - I can't send you a link. If you want to read it, you just need to sign up at the Fox Group website. It's free, and doesn't take long, so if you want a quick read on what's happening up here, it's time well spent.

I say that the newsletter is welcome news for two reasons. First is the simple fact that Roberta has a long history serving enterprises for technical consulting, and hopefully this will generate some nice business leads for her business. So, she brings a great industry perspective, and has surrounded herself with a solid group of contributors, all of whom have a similar pedigree to Roberta.

Secondly, and perhaps closer to my heart is the sad demise of print media, which is rapidly losing relevance in the Web-based world. Canada has a very small telecom media sector as it is, and the few publishers left are consolidating and/or losing their best writers to better opportunities. A while back, the National Post lost its two main telecom/tech writers - Mark Evans (went back to a startup gig) and Kevin Restivo (industry analyst now), and earlier this month, good friend Stefan Dubowski left Telemanagement for the PR world. So, in my view, Telecom Dispatch is a welcome voice in a space that needs new blood, and it's great that she's giving a platform to share with all these seasoned industry experts.

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ipcom said...

Posted by: Roberta Fox

Jon: thanks for comments and endorsement. I will do cross-link for you from our web page, and would appreciate same. We will be archiving issues on web site in the future and print edition will be coming out in new year as the industry and end-users still want reading to 'touch and feel'.

You are also most welcome to come up and visit our SMB test lab sometime in the future to see what we are doing in putting various manufacturers products together.

Roberta Fox