Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Service Provider Views Article - Vonage

My latest column for Service Provider Views was posted yesterday.

This one's about Vonage, and my view on their prospects following last week's Q4 results. Very mixed bag, and with cable VoIP getting stronger by the day, their margin for error gets smaller and smaller. As usual, your comments are welcome.

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ipcom said...

Posted by: Ike Elliott

Hi Jon,
Good summary on Vonage. There's no denying Vonage has a brand with some value, but with Vonage's churn rate of 3% per month, the value of the 2.6M subscribers is suspect. Like you, I'm not sure who would want to buy the company at this point.

I covered the Vonage earnings report in some posts last week, here:

Bottom line: Vonage needs to refinance that debt!