Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fonolo News

I've been quiet lately - but busy. Busy is good, but sometimes that means no blogging. Gotta make a living, and I'll have updates as things move along.

One item to quickly share - Fonolo had some nice news yesterday with Sirius Canada. Aside from my being an Adviser - gotta be transparent about these things - this is good news on a few fronts.

First, it's a Canadian story, which is always a good thing up here!

Second is the application itself - virtual queuing. It's a strange term, I know, but in contact center circles it's a big deal, and Fonolo has a new twist that makes a lot of sense. I've written about it before, and Fonolo is definitely on the right track for bringing the contact center into the Web world.

Third is more of a sentimental thing. I'm not a fan of satellite radio, but radio is my favorite medium, and I have early roots there. This is another topic, but despite all the head-spinning innovations we have in the communications space, I just think nothing beats radio for immediacy, authenticity and engagement.

Enough talking. If any of this is of interest, then it's time to move on and read the press release.

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