Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All You Need Is Lync - Altogether Now...

Lync is all you need, Lync is all you need.

You can't get that out of your head now, can ya? Music is my thing, and I just thought that title worked really well for what Microsoft was messaging at last week's Lync conference, or love-in, if I was keeping in character with Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles.

On that note, I'm not the only one who likes to link (or Lync - ugh) past and present with the Fab Four. Did you see this 2 minute rave-up on Jimmy Fallon the other night? - a little too cool for comfort, but spot-on...

Back to the topic at hand - Lync. For this month's column on InformationWeek, I wrote about how a lot of good things are coming together for Lync, but interestingly, they seem to be more focused on video than voice, which of course speaks loudly for how they see the world moving without the need for phone systems.

I'm equally concerned that whether they focus on voice or video, MSFT and their telecom partners/rivals might miss a bigger boat, namely Facebook. Having bought WhatsApp, they now have a huge user base on par with Skype, and by adding voice the other day, things sure could get interesting if people start relying more on text for their primary mode of communicating.

Enough. It's time to head over to the IW site, and you can read my article here. If this gets you going, please join the conversation, and I'll be sure add more thoughts in the commentary.

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