Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Canada Calling - Invitation to Podcast

The Canadian IP communications market is very dynamic in its own way, and I'm trying to bring that message to a broader audience.

One way of doing this is podcasting, and I'd like to invite anyone out there who can offer an informed perspective of our market to get in touch with me.

Jeff Pulver's VON Radio has been podcasting for some time, and I'd love to build up a roster of Canadian podcasters to help tell our story. Check out the main index, and you can see lots of timely podcasts from a wide range of people. Recent podcasts of note include David Beckemeyer of PhoneGnome, Eli Katz of XConnect, and Ben Freedman of Jasomi - now part of Ditech.

To get on the Canadian podcast bandwagon, please ping me here, or email me directly: jon@jarnoldassociates.com

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