Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bell Canada Brings on George Cope - Busy Week for Canadian Telco Execs

First, Bill Owens steps down at Nortel, and now this news. Today, Bell Canada announced that George Cope is leaving arch-rival Telus Mobility to be COO. George Cope has been a key driver of Telus's success in wireless, and you'd have to think this loss will be a blow to Telus. I hope to learn more about the story behind the story soon.

He'll have a broad mandate that includes residential services as well as Enterprise, SMB and wholesale operations. That's a handful. His tenure is to begin this January, so it looks like Bell will need some time for the dust to settle.


ipcom said...

Posted by: bitpad

George Cope New Prez & CEO of Bell Canada

The Canadian Telecom market-place will be a lot more interesting in 2006. Goto to to find out why....

ipcom said...

Posted by: Philip Stern

Bell certainly needs this kind of executive and the world certainly needs your blog. :-)

ipcom said...

Posted by: Tina

Do you have George Cope's business email for CEO of Bell? please email me