Friday, August 31, 2012

UC state of the market review - UCS podcast

Seems to be a good time to reflect on where the UC market is going these days, and if you follow us on the UCStrategies portal, you'll know we've done that a few different ways. I wrote a piece there the other day, and on this week's podcast, we explored things a little further, mainly through the lens of recent reports produced by UCStrategies experts.

This is not an easy market for anyone to understand, and while that's good for business at our end as analysts and consultants, we don't have all the answers either. UC remains a work in progress, making it challenging both for businesses to buy, and channels to sell. My view is that the vendors continue to innovate and enhance their UC offerings, but the value proposition remains ahead of what many businesses are able to manage right now. Of course there are loads of success stories out there, but UC has a ways to go before it becomes the lingua franca of business communications.

I'll leave it at that, and hope this tweaks your interest enough to hear what all of us at UCStrategies and our reports have to say about the current market - so, time to move on, go to the portal and give it a listen. This podcast was ably moderated by Marty Parker, and there's a transcript if you'd rather just read what was said.

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