Friday, June 6, 2014

Next Stop - Orlando and GENBAND

Barring any last minute developments, this should be my last business trip til the Fall, and I'm good with that. After next week, I'll have attended 8 industry events over a 10 week period. No mas!

Genband - or GENBAND to be proper - is another one of those vendors not afraid to try new things, and I'm good with that too. I've followed them for a while, and the company truly is a survivor with a long history of growing through acquisition. It's a hard way to build a growth story, but they're still here, going strong. Like many of their competitors, GENBAND has been reinventing themselves as fast as possible from legacy technology to software, and now to cloud.

Starting Monday, I'll be there to hear all about it, and am looking forward to re-connecting with the company, as I couldn't make their event last year. Perspectives14 will be in Orlando, and I'll  blog/tweet as time allows. My twitter handle is @arnoldjon, and you can follow the full event feed via their handle #GBP14.

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