Monday, May 4, 2015

April Writing Roundup

Not as busy as March, but still plenty of things keeping me busy. Here's a digest of my top posts from April in case you don't follow the various sites I'm published on.

BYOD Opportunities - Becoming Mobile-Centric,, April 8

Understanding Adoption Barriers to Collaboration, Part 1, JAA blog, April 10 (also running on the Cisco Canada Blog)

BYOD Opportunities - Innovation From Everywhere,, April 13

Mitel's Crystal Ball - Business Communications in 2025, JAA blog, April 15

BYOD Success Factors - Three Things About Millennials,, April 17

Why Verizon Can Be a Great Fit for SMBs,, April 21

GetVoIP's Top UC Experts - Me and 49 Others, JAA blog, April 23

Understanding Adoption Barriers to Collaboration, Part 2, JAA blog, April 28

5 Things SMBs Will Like About Verizon's VCE,, April 29

Cisco Collaboration Summit - Two Messages for UC, UCStrategies, May 1 (was written April 30, and better to post it now while it's still current rather than for my May roundup)

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