Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Writing Roundup

Despite being the height of summer and not blogging a whole lot, I kept plenty busy on other fronts with writing and research. Here are the highlights from August - hope you enjoy these, and any sharing would be greatly appreciated.

Replacing your Phone System, Scenario #2 - a Different Vendor,, Aug. 24

My "Coffee with Chris" Podcast - Comms Technology, Disruption and Millennials, my blog, Aug. 21

My New White Paper for Cisco - The Omnichannel Experience, my blog, Aug. 19 - also, infographic here

3 Replacement Scenarios for Legacy Phone Systems,, Aug. 17

What you need to Consider Before Buying VoIP, TechTarget, Aug. 17

ADTRAN Connect - First Take, my blog, Aug. 14

UCStrategies Podcast - is There Really a UC Market with SMBs?, my blog, Aug. 10 - podcast based on an article I recently posted to UCStrategies

Five Reasons to Keep your Legacy Phone System,, Aug. 7

My New E-Guide - 3 Hot Buttons for Hosted UC, my blog, Aug. 6 - available here on ShoreTel's website

Three Use Cases that Highlight the Benefits of VoIP, TechTarget, Aug. 4

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